Web Hosting Hub Review

Since 2010, Web Hosting Hub has been providing a wide range of web solutions, including hosting, web creation, and custom website design. With two datacentres on the east and west coasts of the US, a commitment to green hosting, and 100% US-based customer support, you can see why this young Virginia company has over 40,000 customers.

Prices starting at $3.99/Month

Shared hosting

Web Hosting Hub focus exclusively on shared hosting, since their sister site, InMotion Hosting, runs their dedicated services and VPS. As such, Web Hosting Hub strives to excel at its one task – shared hosting services.

Web Hosting Hub uses a tiered pricing option, starting at $1.95 per month for the first three months (then $6.99 after that), $8.99 for the next level up, and then $10.99 for their top tier.

The bottom tier (called Spark) includes:

  • Two website
  • 10 databases
  • Free website builder
  • Free onboarding call
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email
  • Auto-installed WordPress and PrestaShop

Basically, it’s absolutely geared towards a fast and easy start to your website, probably a blog or an ecommerce site.

The second tier (called Nitro) includes all the same stuff, but with unlimited MySQL databases, parked domains, and sub domains (these are both limited under the Spark plan). You also get your choice of datacentre and a 20% discount on web design.

Their final top, premium ultimate tier (called Dynamo) is essentially the same as the other two, but with a bigger discount on web design plus $200 in ad credits.

More so than other hosting companies, Web Hosting Hub is obviously geared towards the beginner side of things.


When it comes to MySQL, Web Hosting Hub’s offering is a little lacklustre. They offer both MySQL 5, PHP 5, and PostgreSQL, but they don’t offer any caching service other than PHP Caching and they only offer phpMyAdmin, rather than both phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin. What’s more, unlike some of their competitors, they don’t store their databases on separate disk drives, so queries are slower and databases are less secure.

However, they do offer a huge range of help articles on MySQL, from quite generic ones like ‘how to create a MySQL database’ all the way down to very precise questions like ‘how to resolve a 1044 access denied error in MySQL’ or ‘Exporting a MySQL Database in phpMyAdmin’.

Obviously, a lot of thought and time has gone into gearing their resource centre towards answering questions about MySQL that people are actually asking.

Before you judge too harshly when it comes to MySQL though, remember that Web Hosting Hub is primarily geared towards beginning webmasters and website owners, who are looking for a host to cover the basics and not much more. And on that front Web Host Hub excels.

Technical details

While Web Hosting Hub definitely caters to a more elementary audience, they still have plenty of stuff for developers:

  • 1 click install with Softaculous
  • CentOS
  • Servers compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL
  • PERL
  • Pyhon
  • SSI
  • Custom Cron Jobs
  • IMAP
  • .htaccess Overrides
  • cPanel compatible


Web Hosting Hub doesn’t have the most robust MySQL offering. However, they do have an excellent offering to get your website started quickly and painlessly. For a lot of shared server customers, Web Hosting Hub is going to be absolutely perfect. But if you want a little more security and control around your database, another competitor might be a better fit.

Prices starting at $3.99/Month

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