Pro MySQL Book Cover
Pro MySQL Book Cover

Pro MySQL (The Expert’s Voice in Open Source)

Michael Kruckenberg

There are dozens of beginner and intermediate resources out there for budding MySQL web developers, incorporating all manner of basic problem solving and common coding examples and solutions. Michael Kruckenberg’s Pro MySQL addresses a different audience.

Pro MySQL (as the title suggests) is targeted specifically at advanced MySQL users. It assumes ample knowledge and experience with both MySQL and PHP, and doesn’t address a range of common problems that early users to both of these will likely face.

However, that same narrow focus makes it an essential resource for the more qualified users of MySQL. It concentrates on complicated applications of MySQL in enterprise environments, covering both real world enterprise uses as well as looks at how IT works within larger organizations. Kruckenberg specifically talks about how business requirements play a role in both software and database development, paying heed to the fact that IT in an enterprise settings is almost always a complex team process, and developers need to be aware of that.

Pro MySQL also offers readable explanations for why things happen in MySQL, to provide developers not only with the tools to address database challenges, but the deeper understanding of why things are happening at all. Plus, with plenty of space dedicated to the internal workings of MySQL, Pro MySQL is a great place to really dive deep into how databases work.