MySQL Books

MySQL Cookbook
Paul DuBois

Covering both MySQL 5.0 and 4.1, the MySQL Cookbook is an essential resource for anyone writing or working with MySQL on a regular basis. It’s fantastic for both beginners looking to come to terms with their first MySQL database and well as experienced MySQL writers looking to for fast solutions to tricky problems.

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PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition)
Luke Welling & Laura Thomson

The brand new (April 2015) edition, the 1,000 page tome PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition) covers everything you’ll need to know about working with MySQL and PHP. In addition to covering everything previous versions have addressed, the authors have added sections on cloud, security, mobile development, and PEAR. The book takes you from PHP fundamentals all the way through creating your first MySQL database into ecommerce and advanced PHP/MySQL techniques. All supported by ample real-world examples, case studies, and troubleshooting solutions and coding examples for every bug under the sun.

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Pro MySQL (The Expert’s Voice in Open Source)
Michael Kruckenberg

There are dozens of beginner and intermediate resources out there for budding MySQL web developers, incorporating all manner of basic problem solving and common coding examples and solutions. Michael Kruckenberg’s Pro MySQL addresses a different audience.

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